Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Η θαυμαστή ποικιλία των αρχαιοελληνικών αλφαβήτων (προσέξτε τα "λατινικά" γράμματα C, D, L, R, X)
Ancient Greek alphabets (note the so-called "Latin" letters C, D, L, R, X)

Monday, March 30, 2009


For I see in this reaper – a vague figure fighting like the devil in the midst of the heat to get to the end of his task – I see in him the image of death, in the sense that humanity might be the wheat he is reaping. So it is – if you like – the opposite of that sower I tried to do before. But there’s nothing sad in this death, it goes its way in broad daylight with a sun flooding everything with a light of pure gold.
Vincent Van Gogh, Letter 604 to his brother Theo

Sunday, March 29, 2009

κι η νύχτα είναι συχνά τόσο όμορφη

Επίδαυρος, Αντιγόνη / © I.A. Daglis

κι η νύχτα είναι συχνά τόσο όμορφη σα να'χεις υπάρξει κι άλλοτε
ή να 'χεις πεθάνει αναρίθμητες φορές
Τάσος Λειβαδίτης