Saturday, May 2, 2009

(Not) Fall in love

Leaving Albuquerque, April 1995 / © I.A. Daglis

I hear you will not fall in love with me
because I come without a guarantee,
because someday I may depart at whim
and leave you desolate, abandoned, grim.
If that’s the case, what use to be alive?
In loving life you love what can’t survive.

Erica Jong [Becoming light, 1991]


  1. Good Morning. I somehow found your blog and was reading when I saw the quote and the picture of the car with the reflection in the rear view mirror!!! How profound that I have just in the past half hour made a comment to one of my blog readers in regards to a quote that I have written in the back of my memory. "The rear view mirror is ALWAYS cleaner than the windshield". Would you give me permission to use your pic and your quotation so that I can include it in one of my future blogs? Your blog is WONDERFUL! The pictures are extrordinary! Some of the language, I am sorry to say, I cannot read but none the less, the pictures tell the story. Thank you so much for sharing those with the rest of us bloggers. Here's hoping you have a wonderful day today!

    If you have the chance and a few moments, please stop by and read what my life is currently all about:My adventures of a "city girl" remodeling a 100 yr farmhouse on a modest budget, trying to keep the planet green!

    Thanks again!

  2. You are welcome to use them!

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