Saturday, October 30, 2010

Recherché - "Ψαγμένος"

 Dovima with the Elephants, Cirque d' Hiver, Paris; by Richard Avedon, 1955
πολύ  "ψαγμένη" φωτογραφία!

“Ricercar” was the original name for the musical form now known as “fugue”. By Bach’s time, the word “fugue” (or fuga, in Latin and Italian) had become standard, but the term “ricercar” had survived, and now designated an erudite kind of fugue, perhaps too austerely intellectual for the common ear. A similar usage survives in English today: the word “recherché” means, literally, “sought out”, but carries the same kind of implication, namely of esoteric or high-brow cleverness. Δηλαδή "ψαγμένος".

Douglas R. Hofstadter [Gödel, Escher, Bach: An eternal golden braid, 1979]
Με ευχαριστίες στον Απόστολο

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