Friday, April 10, 2009

προσπερνώντας τη ζωή μας

Shibuya Hachikō Crossing, Tokyo / © I.A. Daglis

Οι άνθρωποι βιάζονται: έγνοιες, βιοτικές συνθήκες, όνειρα, συμβιβασμοί – πού καιρός να γνωρίσουν τη ζωή τους.

Τάσος Λειβαδίτης [Βιολέτες για μια εποχή]

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  1. The other day there was a strong storm and many parts of the city lost power into the evening. I saw many people out and about talking to their neighbors or taking a walk. Not having the TV or internet to keep us occupied, we return to the old ways of communicating with each other in person. How refreshing that was! Then the power came back and like rats fleeing a flood they disappeared into their homes as fast as they had come out. We could use a lot more power outages.