Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Aurora Conceptions

Image: Terje Nesthus
Also watch this magnificent video by Terje Nesthus
In Middle-Age central Europe, the Northern Lights were considered a bad omen. They warned of illness, plague and death. On the contrary, up in the North, in Scandinavia, people’s conceptions were more characterized by wonder and awe for this impressive phenomenon. One was warned to step carefully during auroral displays and in no way should the Northern Lights be frightened by waving, whistling, staring or by showing any other form of disrespect …
I.A. Daglis and S.-I. Akasofu [Recorder, 29, pp. 45-48, November 2004]

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  1. There is still a saying by the locals in the north that you should never wave to the auroras.. it would make it angry